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I built my first computer in 1972 when I was transferred to California.  I built it using parts from Radio Shack, a cassette player, and some parts a couple of Sergeants who had built one had extra.  On base, we were using ARPANET to message others on the same Network and I began writing small programs to keep track of schedules, tasks, and whatnot in my office.  When not working we played games on the computers and even started playing some games over the phone.   Having been interested in math and science from a very early age, I began learning all I could about computers and networks.




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When I earned my first Ham license in 1990, computers fit right in with my radio interests. I had been programming for several years at that point and used the computer to keep track of my contacts, DX that I heard but was unable to contact, and just about everything else I could think of. When the internet became public in 1993, I immediately had an online presence and have had one since. Lately, I have been playing with the Raspberry Pi and transferring many of the things my laptop or desk system has always handled over to a Raspberry Pi.  Hopefully, I will be writing about some of those projects here on the site. I would love to hear what others have been using Raspberry Pis for in their shack.  If you have some projects you would like to share with everyone, let me know and I will set you up as a contributor or just send me what you have and I will post it for you.